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TJS Red Angus is a family run ranch by Tim, Julie, and Cash Shick. Tim’s parents James and Carlene Shick as well as Tim’s sister Tammy and Steve Haug and their boys Tanner, Taylor, and Laramie, each own registered Red Angus cattle themselves. All of the cattle are run together. We have been slowly growing our registered herd since 1987. It started by purchasing a few registered Red Angus calves as 4-H projects. As years went by the commercial herd of cows were sold and replaced with more registered Red Angus females. Our numbers have gradually increased over the years by keeping replacements and purchasing select females from progressive herds. Over the years we have strived to raise cattle that are moderate, thick, have good carcass, have great maternal strengths, and good dispositions.
Shick Family

Tim, Julie & Cash Shick


Lodge Grass, MT


[email protected]


H. 406-639-9112


C. 406-679-9113

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