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REG# 3570200

Road Block has become one of our most heavily used bulls.He had an actual 21.1 in. Rib Eye at 18 months of age, unreal muscle shape and performance all in a moderate and efficient package.  We have used Road Block on cows and heifers with great success.  We had 80 + calves born out of him in 2019 with very few fallouts at this point.  They are big bodied, goot footed, easy fleshing cattle.  Road Block topped our 2018 sale selling to Jocko Valley Cattle Co., Marvin Rehbein.

Semen is available for $30.00 per unit.  CSS available. 

5L LIKE A BOSS 8986-283F 

REG# 3950935

5L Like A Boss.jpg


REG# 3855487

TJS Birthright.jpg

Like A Boss was our pick from the 2019 5L Red Angus offering.  He posted an outstanding record of 69 BW, 639 AWW, 109 WR, 1108 AYW, 106 YR, 7.92 IMF, 150 IMF Ratio and 12.46 REA with 111 REA Ratio.  

Like A Boss is a Big Bodied, Moderate framed, easy fleshing, good footed bull all with a quiet low-key disposition.  We used him heavely via AI and Natural Service on both heifers and cows.  He is a high labido, super breeding bull.  We like him alot and so will your heifers.

He is Co-Owned with 5L Red Angus


SEMEN IS AVAILABLE for $30.00 per unit.  

BIRTHRIGHT was one of the standout bulls in our 2019 sale.  He is a dark cherry red bull with a unique pedigree and outstanding performance.  He has good, black, hard feet and is as sound as they come for being as massive of a bodied bull as he is.  He has always been a unique bull.  His Dam has a 108.8 MPPA that knows how to get it done.  

Semen is available for $30.00 per unit.  

U2 NOVA 627F

REG# 4067046

U2 Nova.jpg

Nova is another bull that Cheramie Viator recommended to us and we sure are glad she did.  Nova is a dominant performance bull with exceptional muscle shape, mass, and herd bull character.  If you are looking for some performance, eye appeal, and good feet and leg structure NOVA may be the bull for you.  We are expecting 85 calves out of him this May & June and can't hardly wait to see how they perform.  He is co-owned with U2 Ranch.

SEMEN IS AVAILABLE FOR $35.00 per unit. 


REG# 3838659


SENECA was our pick in the 2018 Pieper Red Angus Sale.  Seneca had a very impressive record of 79BW, 809 AWW, 118WR, 1447 AYW, 116 YR, 110 IMF RAtio, and 105 REA Ratio.

Seneca is a dark red, deep bodied bull adding an outcross pedigree to our program.  He is super sound and cool made.  We weaned our first calves last fall and they are definitely our kind.  They came easy and developed well.  We used Seneca heavely in 2019 and plan to continue using him.  We put him to work and he can cover alot of cows.

He is Co-Owned with Pieper Red Angus 

SEMEN IS AVAILABLE for $30.00 per unit


REG# 3873823

U2 Outlier.jpg

In 2018 Cheramie Viator and I were visiting about the bulls in U2's upcoming bull sale.  She told me that there was a super cool Black/Red Carrier bull being offered and that we should try and own him.  We were lucky enough to be the last bidder.

Outlier is a big bodied bull that has tons of powerful shape and dimension from all angles.  He has a super disposition, is good footed, big testicles, and a killer profile.  He is co-owned with U2 Ranch. 

Semen is available for $30.00 per unit.  


REG# 3510287


Limit Up was one of our favorites in our 2017 Bull Sale.  His over all dimension and muscle shape would blow you away.  We have used him the last couple of years and really like what we see.  His daughters are really beautiful just like Limit Up's Dam was.  At 18 months of age he had an actual REA of 17.6.  

Semen is Available for $30.00 per unit

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